First “Express Yourself” Thursday of the 2017-2018 Season!

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“Muy Caliente!” Recital 2017

IMG_3659IMG_3656IMG_3661Image-2IMG_3666IMG_3650IMG_3628IMG_3624IMG_3654IMG_6773FullSizeRender (13)IMG_3631IMG_3632IMG_3633IMG_3634IMG_3629IMG_3627IMG_3668IMG_3625IMG_3665IMG_0116IMG_3667IMG_3644IMG_3646IMG_3648IMG_3651IMG_3653IMG_3660



“Starbound National Talent Competition” in Boardman, OH

IMG_3237 (1)IMG_3243IMG_3221IMG_3222
IMG_3224IMG_3215 (1)IMG_3223

“American Dance Awards” in Pittsburgh, PA


“Encore D.C.S.” in Johnstown, PA


“Wild About Dance” in Brownsville, PA

IMG_3103IMG_3102IMG_3104IMG_3067IMG_3046IMG_3091IMG_117220170312_101722IMG_1171IMG_2901IMG_2907IMG_2912IMG_2893IMG_2900IMG_2895IMG_3033IMG_2919IMG_3032 (1)

Dance Buddy “Twinsies” Express Yourself Thursday


DBD Nation Becomes Steelers Nation


Have Your #Selfie a Very Merry Christmas


Bowling at Hillview Lanes





Artistic Dance Exchange @ the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center


Halloween Party @ Gearhard Farms

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Phantom Fright Nights @ Kennywood



“Halloweenie” Express Yourself Thursday

img_2268 img_2267 img_2270
img_2274 img_2269 img_2272
img_2276 img_2273 img_2275

Encore D.C.S. Grand Final Championship in Hershey, PA

“Rule the World” Recital 2016


Starbound National Talent Competition in Boardman, OH

IMG_1415IMG_1417IMG_4310IMG_0416IMG_0920IMG_1419IMG_0481IMG_4168IMG_4332IMG_1420IMG_6851IMG_1425IMG_0476IMG_0928image3image2 (1)IMG_4174IMG_4198IMG_0735FullSizeRender (23)FullSizeRender (21)IMG_6853IMG_4201IMG_4998image1 (5)IMG_4268 (1)IMG_1448

Encore D.C.S. in Johnstown, PA

IMG_0984IMG_0254IMG_0341IMG_0327FullSizeRender (16)IMG_4182IMG_3825Aydin & BellaJen with the Sea-sational 7IMG_7926IMG_7987IMG_7960IMG_8000Nick and MageeIMG_20160402_131306703IMG_20160402_123043419Who's BadIMG_7739IMG_0340IMG_3623image1IMG_3622Some Production KidsIMG_3812IMG_1350IMG_1352IMG_6162IMG_1354IMG_0202IMG_1357IMG_7542IMG_1370IMG_1361IMG_1331IMG_1371IMG_1345IMG_1367IMG_3027IMG_3537IMG_4572IMG_1372IMG_6179IMG_1366IMG_6185IMG_1370

Extreme Talent Showcase in Morgantown, WV

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IMG_4497IMG_1140IMG_3511FullSizeRender (14)image1 (1)image1 (1)

“Be Mine” Express Yourself

Valentines Express Yourself

2015-2016 Costume Reveal

Costume Reveal

Deck the Halls with Lots of Dancers!


Greensburg Holiday Parade & After-Party at Main Bowling Center


Halloween Party

Happy Halloween signNick in hatMegan, Stella & AydinBella, Julianne, and CamilleOwners and TeachersBreonna & MiaStella & RosieBella & AshtonEmma, Lindsey, Carissa, Kasey & CaitlinJuliaSasha, Peyton & PaigeToriKayelee, Taylor, Leah & LillyBrennaDBD and pumpkinsLydie & DeLaneyCarly & EricaJosie & AdysenMakaylah & NoraGroup Photo

Extreme Talent WorXshop & Kennywood Fright Nights

photo (53)photo (59)photo (58)photo (62)photo (61)photo (57)photo (55)photo (60)photo (56)photo (52)photo (51)photo (54)photo (50)

It’s a Steelers Night in Da Burgh…and at DBD!

photo (47)photo (48)photo (49)photo (46)photo (45)photo (44)photo (43)photo (42)photo (41)photo (39)photo (40)photo (38)

Summer Fun with Our DBD Friends

photo (36)photo (35)photo (37)IMG_3212IMG_3097image
IMG_3527IMG_3689IMG_3520IMG_3331FullSizeRender-4IMG_1541FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)

Aydin and Emma Dance Their Way through Los Angeles on the Hollywood Summer Tour!


Happy 18th Birthday Carissa and Good Luck Ms. Delaney!


Dancers by Design Presents “DA BOMB!” Recital 2015

photo (34)IMG_3396IMG_4694IMG_5455IMG_5448IMG_5452IMG_2671IMG_3034FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)IMG_8079IMG_4691IMG_1607IMG_2518FullSizeRender (3)IMG_2507IMG_2516IMG_2521IMG_252306201517430620151829b

Starbound National Talent Competition in Youngstown, OH

Junior SoloistsAydin and BellaTriple Treat End PoseJunior Solo AwardsSet Me Free AwardJen with TrioKaley & Kasey Preparing for Unquenchable ThirstStella Unquenchable ThirstUnquenchable ThirstHead Over HeelsStella & Kasey Head Over HeelsMay You Go in PeaceCompletely DisposablePARTY GirlsPARTYStella & Gabby ProductionProduction Emma & CarissaNick Preparing for ProductionSilly ProductionProduction Nick LaughingLights Camera End PoseAwards In His NameSpirit AwardAwards Unquenchable ThirstTeen Solo AwardsSaturday Night DinnerCarissa and Erica CloseupKasey & CarissaAlways By My SideBlack WidowsErica and CarissaSunday WinnersStarbound Trophies

Express Yourself Thursday–Who’s the Brightest Star in the Studio?

Brightest Star Express Yourself

Congratulations to Carissa O’Masta for being selected as a member of Greensburg Central Catholic High School’s Princess Court!

Carissa and Her Prom DateCarissa Princess Court

Access Broadway in Pittsburgh, PA

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“Cloudy, With a Chance of Aydin” Dancers Get Soakin’ Wet!

Encore Dance Competition for the Stars in Johnstown, PA

photo (7)photo (8)photo (9)IMG_4869IMG_6544FullSizeRender
photo (1)IMG_2159IMG951690Graceand JuliaIMG_1316In His Name We PraiseIMG_0366IMG_9563IMG_5324IMG_4389IMG_228620150328_162821FullSizeRenderEmma and GabbyCarissaIMG_1285KaseyUnquenchable ThirstLittle Man Big PocketsStella with Her AuntFullSizeRenderphoto (30)

Bonus Express Yourself Thursday: Show Your DBD Spirit!

photo (4)photoIMG_3610photo (1)IMG_2152photo (2)photo (6)photo (5)photo (3)

Extreme Talent Showcase in West Mifflin, PA

Extreme Talent- Bella, Emily & Julianne 2Extreme Talent- PARTYExtreme Talent- Josie, Bella & EricaPreparationforProductionBackofJacketsBella&AbbyinSoloCostumesAbby&BellawithTrophiesAydin&EmmaScholarshipAwardsLotsofKidsAgainstBackdropBella&AydinwithDuetAwardKaseywithSupportersIMG_2070IMG_2064Jen&theTrioTriowithJudgesphoto (31)

DBD Proud! on Express Yourself Thursday


There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a fabulous day at DBD!


A Holly Jolly Express Yourself Thursday!

photo (14)photo (15)photo (16)photo (17)photo (18)DBD Lounge- Christmas Picture

Yes, DBD Dancers Love a Parade!

Greensburg Tribune Review

After-Parade Bowling Party at Main Bowling Center

Bowling 3Bowling 2Bowling 1

Greensburg Holiday Parade

Greensburg Holiday Parade 1Greensburg Holiday Parade 6Greensburg Holiday Parade 5Greensburg Holiday Parade 4Greensburg Holiday Parade 3Greensburg Holiday Parade 2Lindsey Nick AbbyParade Walking 5Parade Walking 4Parade Walking 3Parade Walking 2Parade Walking 1

The Big “Costume Reveal”

The Big Costume Reveal

Halloween Express Yourself

Halloween Express Yourself 1Halloween Express Yourself 2

Extreme Talent Showcase Convention and Kennywood Fright Night

12 and Under ContemporaryGangster Dancers13 and Over Contemporary13 and Over Hip Hop12 and Under Ballet12 and Under Hip Hop

13 and Over JazzLeann Aydin and JazmineAll Award WinnersPredator and KidsSharie and ClownDemon and Kaley

First “Express Yourself Thursday” of the 2014-2015 Season

Express YourselfSimba

Blake McGrath Master Class

Bella and BlakeBlake McGrath Master Class

Extreme Talent Showcase Nationals

Triple TreatSundaesMr. SmileyTriple AwardAydin and the Heart ThrobsPetite SoloistsEmma and the GangBoy Meets GirlBoutique HatsLunch at BurgatoryMessy FloatsLots of AwardsExotic GardenKasey Megan & EmmaBattle ScarsFairest FiveKiki & DBD DancersParty

“Lights, Camera…You Betta Werk!” Recital 2014

Lydia & DeLaneyCarinaProduction Level 1&2
Kasey DeLaney Vanessa & NoraPreschool ClassLily & LaylaLyrical 4Jazz 3Acro 3&4Ballet 4Carissa & NickFaithKatelyn & BellaAveryCaroline DedicationEmma & ChloeJosie & DeLaneyCarissa & Caroline

Ms. Jen’s Birthday


Fourth Competition- Fire and Ice International Talent Competition in Youngstown, OH

Fire and Ice The Big NoiseFire and Ice Bella and Jazmine AwardsFire and Ice Triple TreatFire and Ice No Need for Glass SlippersFire and Ice The Exotic GardenFire and Ice Boom! Bang! Pow!Fire and Ice 1st Overall DuetFire and Ice Boy Meets GirlFire and Ice The Fairest FiveFire and Ice Gotcha NumbaFire and Ice The Brave and the FreeFire and Ice The Mourning AfterFire and Ice Sands of TimeFire and Ice Aydin and the Heart ThrobsMother's Day 2

DBD Dancers Go to the Prom!


Third Competition- Countdown National Dance Competition in Bethel Park, PA

Emma and Bri100_1268100_1265100_1275100_1270100_1276Lydia and NickJazmine Leap Sands of Time CountdownHungry!Aydin's Gotcha NumbaCountdown Awards

Second Competition- Encore D.C.S. in Johnstown, PA

Nora DeLaney Lindsey Jazmine and AbbyAydinLindsey Aydin Emma Bri and DeLaneyAydin Bella Abby and BriJosie Nora and DeLaneyNora DeLaney Josie and TrophiesDeLaney Nora and JosieMirror Mirror GirlsMirror Mirror Girls with BannerGrace and JuliaCamille Abby DeLaney and Lydia 2Riley and NickPetite-Junior TeamEmmaEmma and CarissaEmma Bri and GabbySands of Time 2Encore Trophies

First Competition- Extreme Talent Showcase in Morgantown, WV

Bri and BellaNick and JuniorsLydia Bella Camille and Abby with TrophiesCamille and Lydia with TrophiesSenior Girlsphoto 4Jen and VanessaNick and Triple TreatNo Need for Glass Slippersphoto 5Richard as LeprechaunTrophy Display

Harlem Globetrotters Pre-Game Performance at the Consol Energy Center

HG094HG_7192HG_7193HG Backstage 1HG Backstage 2HG099HG_7197HG102HG101HG_7198HG_7199HG105HG110HG_7204HG108photo (3)

Greensburg Holiday Parade/Pottery Playhouse


Mr. Nick’s Birthday

DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 382DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 383DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 384

Groove Convention

DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 379DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 356DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 360
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 381DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 377DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 380

Halloween Party

DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 334DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 246DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 266
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 244DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 259DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 319
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 269DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 283DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 275
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 245DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 257DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 252
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 251DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 303DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 350
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 254DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 248DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 256
DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 325DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 342DBD Halloween Party & Holiday Parade 240<

Congratulations, Caroline!
Homecoming Queen at GCC…
“Queen-for-a-Day” at DBD!


DBD’s First Express Yourself Thursday